MALE received 1500 hair grafts WITH SmartGraft FUE technology*

Procedure Details

A 60-65 year-old man wanted to treat his male pattern baldness with follicular unit extraction (FUE). He provided Dr. Staahl with a past photo so that the hairline could be recreated to replicate his former pattern. On the day of the procedure, the "new" hairline was drawn in so that the patient could participate in the design process and ensure it was to his liking. After given local and oral sedation, the SmartGraft system was used for the graft harvest so that no incisions or sutures were required. The grafts were taken from the posterior scalp, sorted, and then 1,500 were inserted into the frontal hairline following the patient's natural hair direction. The patient went home after the procedure with post-treatment instructions. He will see his full results in 9-12 months as the transplanted grafts become established and begin to grow.

SmartGraft Hair Restoration

Smartgraft's innovative technology allows patients to undergo hair transplant in an efficient and discrete manner.  No longer are patient's burdened by horizontal scarring with the "strip method" or the glaringly obvious multi-hair "plugs."  Patients can undergo this procedure in the privacy of our office under local and oral sedation.  Only the best, viable grafts consisting of single hairs are expertly transplanted to ensure optimum results.  Patients can return to regular activities the same day, but should refrain from rigorous exercise for a week or as directed.  The full results will be seen in 9-12 months so patience is key, but well worth it as the results are outstanding.  


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